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In some cases hazards may be coupled, as in the flood caused by a hurricane or the tsunami that is created by an earthquake. Development of seismic hazard map for klang valley jan 2002. Disaster management earthquake ppt 140am earthquakes. Lecture disaster management, floods, earthquakes, cyclones and land slides. The great east japan earthquake geje was the first disaster ever recorded that included. Download disaster management handbook by jack pinkowski record breaking hurricane seasons, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, and intentional acts of masscasualty violence, give lie to the. Disaster management projectsocial sciencemitigation. Disaster, as defined by the united nations, is a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or society, which involve widespread human, material, economic or environmental impacts that exceed.

With the comprehensive disaster management programme cdmp, the ministry of food and disaster management in the bangladesh government has developed an earthquake contingency plan for the. Important short notes on disaster management school. Earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disasters on earth. Earthquake effects can cover hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. Disaster management of earthquake ppt january 5, 2019 jarwato disaster disaster management powerpoint ation slides nepal earthquake exposes gaps in disaster preparedness the. Please refer to the attached file to access the chapters. Disaster preparedness including disaster risk reduction has been strengthened in our country especially. Disaster is a sudden, calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, destruction and devastation to life and property. It then renders it to right people and organizations to manage earthquake. Shakeout drills were also conducted in punjab, kp and azad jammu and kashmir at the school level. Short notes on disaster management is provided to ensure the best understanding of the topic for the students who are making projects on the topic or preparing for the exam. Pdf disaster management handbook by jack pinkowski book. In order to navigate, simply find the item category in which you are. Disaster management project book classixcbse201920 contents.

National institute of disaster management, ministry of home affair, new delhi citationparkash surya, irfana begum, and rita 20. Nishiyama deputy chief executive, bri ipred is one of the unescos projects and was launched in 2007 in cooperation with bri and another nine universities or research. Keywordsdisaster, earthquake, seismic hazards, retrofitting. Kobe, the united nations centre for regional development uncrd, and the earthquake disaster mitigation research center edm started a joint reconstruction and recovery program in a village. Preparation of guidelines for various types of disasters forms an important part of the mandate of the national disaster management authority ndma. National disaster management authority government of india ndma bhawan a1, safdarjung enclave new delhi 110 029 may, 2016 when citing this hand book, the following citation should be used. The role of earthquake information management systems eimss in. The context of earthquakes is unique within the natural disaster management. There is a need for project managers to readjust the policies with which they operate as the recent transformation in the worlds environment, economy and society can no longer accommodate the old. Sst project file on earthquake for class 9 youtube. National institute of disaster management, ministry of home affair, new delhi citationparkash. Pathak as she gave us a golden opportunity to show our talent. National disaster management authority ndma, draft national disaster management framework, pp 1417, 2006. Disaster management 1 raise the alarm by operating the fire alarm call point response to disasters.

Earthquake effects can cover hundreds of thousands of square kilometers find. Triage is a french word meaning to sort or to categorize. Programming for implementation guideline templates. Disaster management refers to the measures taken for the safety and protection of life and property from natural or manmade disasters. In 1994 the world conference on natural disaster reduction was held in yokohama, japan the conference adopted the yokohama. We here at earthquake management hope that you will find our new site to be easy to use. Disaster management disaster management is a multidisciplinary area in which a wide range of issues that range from forecasting, warning, evacuation, search and rescue, relief, reconstruction and. Accident mainly occurs only due to the drivers to the person who drivers.

Getting acquainted with disaster management chapter 2. Social science project file on disaster management 9th class. In addition to the terminologies, the study also seeks to explain various types of. This means being prepared for disasters, fighting disasters effectively, ensuring the safety of life during disasters and helping in rebuilding society after the disaster. Disaster risk management is a continuous process that involves physical and nonphysical measures and takes account of the underlying risk factors within a society. Disaster management an overview sciencedirect topics. Cbse2019disaster management project bookclassixcbse. Disaster management is fast emerging especially in recent wake of natural disasters that leave a region and people helpless taking away everything from them.

Disaster management earthquake ppt 140am free download as powerpoint presentation. Institution london school of economics project on internal displacement. Disaster management plan jamaica overview company mission our mission is to encourage young people to volunteer for worthwhile work in developing countries. Students can download the specific chapters from the cbse and ncert text books from. The second edition of the disaster management strategy incorporates this new learning and links it with disaster relief as a new approach of ppaf. Pdf earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disasters on earth. The disaster management is a type of management and organization having resources and duties to deal with the entire human characteristics of the. What are the various steps to be taken during and post an earthquake as well as the precautions for the highly active regions. Earthquake research project in 1994 brri, 1994 that never saw the light of day. Disaster, hazard, vulnerability, capacity, risk and disaster management cycle. Activity book on disaster management for school students nidm. This type of disasters often caused as a result of the natural forces and have to be accepted as unfortunate by. Pdf disaster management and mitigation for earthquakes.

Plan and disaster management entities such as central government ministries and agencies, local governments and public utilities to formulate disaster management operation plan or local disaster. Types of disasters disaster management study material pdf download 1. Disaster management, at the individual and organisational level, deals with issues of planning, coordinating, communication and risk management. Highlights the importance of project and portfolio management skills, procurement and contracting knowledge, and subrecipient management and monitoring. Disaster management pdf notes dm notes pdf free download. Video animation prerequisite knowledge damages caused by floods, cyclones and earthquakes to the human habitation, cause for the tilting of buildings.

I would also like to thank my parents as they provided me with all the necessary materials needed for the project. National institute of disaster management, new delhi 12. Disaster the serious disruption of societal functioning causing widespread human, material, or environmental losses that exceed the local. The books and specific chapters have been collected by the tutors on studiestoday for the benefit of cbse students. Disaster management is fast emerging especially in recent wake of natural disasters that leave a region and people helpless taking away everything. Activity book on disaster management for school students. Disaster catastrophe, mishap, calamity or grave occurrence in any area. Almost 59 percent of the landmass of india is prone to earthquakes and preparation in this regard constitutes an important part of our effort for better management of disasters in the country. Shah azardabstractthe disaster management act, 2005 dm act, 2005 lays down institutional and coordination mechanism for. Cbse class 8 disaster management earthquakes ncert book.

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