Uspsa 3 gun shotgun rules book

This will be an evergreen rulebook available online and through the free. There are dos and do nots when getting involved in uspsa competition shooting. It allows ports and compenstators on shotguns but no optics. Beginners guide to idpa and ipscuspsa oklahoma shooters. In addition to my book, practical shooting, beyond fundamentals, you will find a comprehensive collection of competition shooting books. Some have been modified to account for changes in the rules and to fix problems that might prevent use by a local club in their match. The 2019 uspsa competition rules, multigun rules, and steel. To shoot a 3gun match, you will need a semiauto rifle, a semiauto pistol, and a semiauto or pump action shotgun. Governed by the international practical shooting confederation, the uspsa is also the broader of the two as it divides competitions into divisions. The match is typically on the 3rd saturday but check calendar. Its over 30,000 active members and over 450 affiliated clubs make uspsa the largest practical shooting organization in the united states. United states practical shooting association wikipedia. Gtr and 2gun affiliates accept no liability for any issue arising from the participation of this sport.

Multigun and steel challenge rule sets have never been published to paper. Idpa provisional multigun 3gun green river gun club. This addendum draws its authority from the current edition of uspsa rule books e. The rules on the mobile app are available offline and word searchable.

Offical uspsa ipsc cardboard and wood not included. These rules may not be used to run a handgun only match. Show the applicable rule to the ro and educate himher. The matches consist of a 1 to 3 stage course of fire, depending on the classification method in use.

American rifleman designing the ideal 3gun shotgun. The gun must be viewed by nroi prior to its acceptance. Official 2gun rule book held at shoot gtr on the 2nd sunday of each month. Change log for 2019 rifle, shotgun and mg rules, combined. Uspsa rifle, shotgun, and multigun rules january 2019 7 of a multigun stage. Shotgun rifle run 3 gun open class uspsa ipsc multigun. This affects us because ima rules make reference to uspsa rules in respect of many common aspects of match administration and conduct. Shotgun you are allowed to use a 20 gauge or larger semiautomatic shotgun. Its over 30,000 active members and over 450 affiliated clubs make uspsa the largest practical shooting organization in the united states and the second largest region within ipsc after the russian. Ipscuspsa is all about speed and high round counts. Dropping a loaded or unloaded firearm is a dq offense. How to get started in 3 gun competition shooting page 7. For example, a knife is equal in threat to a shotgun, rifle, or other firearms.

Like shooting fake orange birds from the sky this is the place to talk about it. Details for each stage, including walkthrough and videos are available for each. Multigun, multi gun or multigun, often also called 2gun or 3gun depending on the types of firearms used, are practical shooting events where each of the stages require the competitor to use a combination of rifles, handguns, and or shotguns multigun has a lot in common with ordinary ipsc uspsa single gun matches, and matches generally have courses of fire where the shooter must move. Choosing a uspsa competition division pew pew tactical. This includes any ammo that has a steel core, such as some of the green tip ammo. Tgc uspsa matches are held on the 1st saturday of the month. Staging areas uspsa, scsa, multi gun uspsaipsc rules. Violation of this rule will result in a match disqualification dq. Some divisions, such as heavy, have different requirements both for minimum caliber and the types of modifications and features your guns can have. August 2016 participation in 2gun is at your own risk. Provisional addendum to the uspsa rules, 2012 edition. The united states practical shooting association and the southern utah practical shooting range are pleased to announce the 2019 uspsa hicap nationals. Our match is designed to be easy for new shooters to get started in the sport of 3gun. In these matches you will see people with very expensive, highcapacity they do have a limited 10 divistion limited to 10 rounds guns with all the tricks.

While 3gun matches often run under house rules, its becoming. Ipsc and uspsa are very similar in their rules and shooting styles. Uspsa nationals courses, volume 1 19851990 index only 14k 245k. Such matches are governed by a different rule book. Must meet the criteria listed in the appendix of the current rule book as well as that listed above. A competitor reloads a shotgun during the 2018 uspsa multigun championship in boulder city, nevada. The new uspsa competition, as well as the rifle, shotgun, and multigun rules are.

In 3gn, that starts with getting your guns to the range and carrying them around with you at the match. Pistol caliber carbine pcc is the newest provisional division of uspsa and is very different from any of the others. Mig welded 2 removable feet are drilled for stakes. The national 3gun association, through the development of the 3gun nation proseries airing on sportsmans channel and pursuit channel, has introduced liter. Brsp is a uspsaaffiliated club, and we run local matches most. Pitting someone with a pump action shotgun and a 7round 1911 against another shooter with a saiga 12 and 33round glock 17 isnt a fair comparison. Divisions keep people from being able to buy their. The different groups that put on 3 gun competitions have slightly different rules, and thats what we have outlined below. No armor piercing ammo will be allowed to be used in our 3gun matches. Officials organize and run competitions so competitors may shoot an ipsc match anywhere in the world in a. Uspsa matches for rifle, shotgun, or multigun may contain the following types of courses of fire. Appendix d4 page 7475 of the jan 08 rules book, handguns with external hammers must be fully decocked at the start signal. There is a published list of approved pistols at the. Thursday night practice matches for the most part follow the uspsa rule book, however, for ease of scoring and for safety reasons the following rules and only these rules apply that differ from the uspsa rule book.

The shotgun and pistol rules are identical to tactical optics. Idpa also puts on 3 gun competitions with their own set of rules, but. The new uspsa competition, as well as the rifle, shotgun, and. In this episode, amy jane tells you what you need to know when getting started in competition shooting. Thursday night practice matches for the most part follow the uspsa rulebook. Right away it is clear that the rulebook has been thoroughly numbered which makes it easy to reference a rule or section. For starters, its a rifle division in a sport that is primarily focused on the pistol, though pcc guns, as. A reliable shotgun is crucial in 3gun competitions. With 2019 in the rearview, we took a trip down memory lane and with 2019 in the rearview, we took a trip down. If you plan on getting the rulebook printed professionally please use this letter. A production gun approval form filled out and signed and returned to nroi. Mulitgun stage during the 3gun match at malabar florida, open class. Save 10% or more by ordering two or more of most of the books below. Regardless of your division, your pistol must be 9mm or larger caliber, your rifle must be.

Loaded firearms and loaded magazines cannot be handled in the safe area. This supplement to the unofficial sourcebook of uspsaipsc courses of fire contains 16 ipsc field courses, some of which i have recently designed, and some of which have been submitted by other ipsc course. If you are interested in the fastest and most exhilarating form of practical shooting, have questions about how to get started, or you are just curious about practical shooting click below for more information. Theres a reason that equipment divisions exist in 3gun matches, and thats to keep everyone competing at the same level. We will be following the uspsa 2014 rifle, shotgun, and mg rules, combined time plus rule book. In this case the rules for uspsa competitions not scsa or multigun are on page 29 of the rules book and this could be problematic.

The rules set standards for competition around the world and ensure safety and good order in our sport. Idpa match rules international defensive pistol association. Your guns dont need to be anything fancy, as there is a division for most any setup you may have. Outlaw matches mainly use competition rules from either. Whats the difference between uspsa and idpa competitions. Is this division rule new or is it a proposed rule. Controversy at 20 uspsa multigun nationals the truth. Page 2 of 2 united states practical shooting association and the universal shooting academy are pleased to announce the 2019 multi gun nationals presented by sig sauer. How to choose a division in 3gun competition including tactical optics, tactical irons. The founding principles and purpose of idpa have been strengthened to emphasize the concealed carry aspect of the sport. Many of the current shooting associations have been around for a long time and none really focus on the sport of competitive 3gun. As i read that, if the czbd stops at half cock it would not be a legal start with the new rules.

Depending on the firearms you plan to shoot, you will be placed into one of five different divisions. Your input will help uspsa improve the clarity, quality and effectiveness of the rules relating to multi gun competition. Ipsc rules form the basis of our sport, as does the rules for any sport. Fontverdana, arial, helvetica i was browsing the uspsa web site under the rules section and i saw a new catagory of shotgun called modified. Idpa provisional multigun 3gun 3gun practical shooting is a sport in which competitors are required to combine accuracy, speed, and power to successfully complete may different types of shooting problems.

Live ammunition and dummyinert ammunition cannot be handled in the safe area. Multigun, multi gun or multigun, often also called 2 gun or 3gun depending on the types of. Uspsa members can login for access to memberonly features, including tracking your uspsa scores. Might recommend people seek out the rule book from the uspsa site. Competitors are expected to familiarize themselves with the current rules. Practical shooting, also known as dynamic shooting or action shooting, is a set of shooting sports where the competitors are trying to unite the three principles of precision, power and speed, by using a firearm of a certain minimum power factor to score as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time or sometimes within a set maximum time. With 2019 in the rearview, we took a trip down memory lane and revisited some of the coolest new gun designs of the past 12 months. Steel challenge shooting association an organization of uspsa 1639 lindamood ln. Shooting competition started by alaskapopo, oct 15, 2007. People who wanted to push the boundaries of shooting in the areas of selfdefense and training. The united states practical shooting association uspsa is the national governing body of practical shooting in the united states under the international practical shooting confederation ipsc. Each will enhance your specific ipsc, uspsa, nra, or idpa training methods, shooting techniques, match strategies, and mental performance. But it could be argued that half cock was fully decocked by a range lawyer.

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