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Order one of the balances and the corresponding smk specific gravity measurement kit. Click here for a downloadable pdf file of the burris gravity meter brochure. Density, specific gravity, brix or concentration of liquid sample can be measured by the da520, da510, da505 or da500 density specific gravity meter of resonant frequency method, which is specified in astm d 4052 test method for density and relative density of liquid by digital density meter and astm d 1250 petroleum. Density, specific gravity, brix or concentration of liquid sample can be measured by the da520, da510, da505 or da500 densityspecific gravity meter of resonant frequency method, which is specified in astm d 4052 test method for density and relative density of liquid by digital density meter and astm d 1250 petroleum. Real extract determined refractometrically 1982 astm d1250. Each portable digital hydrometer density meter is housed in a carrying case and includes all.

Online measurement of specific gravity for accurate and. In the food industry, the control of concentrations on the production line is critical to product quality, determining, among other things, how good the food tastes. Box 470710, tulsa, ok 741470710 history the terms specific gravity and relative density have been used for a number of years. We greatly appreciate your trust and will do everything we can to ensure that your instrument provides you with years of troublefree operation. Specific gravity is the ratio of mass of a volume of a liquid at 60f to the mass of an equal volume of pure water at the same temperature, i. Dma 35 onsite density and concentration measurements in just a few seconds. Take dma 35 with you at all times and measure the density and concentration of your sample directly onsite be it for intake control, atline quality inspections, or on the road. The 3098 specific gravity meter adopts a combination of these two methods, where, by measuring the density of the gas under controlled conditions, the value of density obtained is directly related to the molecular weight of the gas, and thus to its specific gravity.

When reporting results of specific gravity, it is specific gravity 60 60f. Astm d 85400 standard test for specific gravity of soil solids. Thank you for buying the dma 4500 or dma 5000 densityspecific gravity concentration meter for gases and liquids. Da645 densityspecific gravity meter cannon instrument.

Pdf a densityspecific gravity meter based on silicon microtube. The sample is injected into a ushaped glass tube, which is then oscillated. The zls dynamic meter is a completely new meter designed to eliminate inherent crosscoupling errors, frequent damper adjustments, and vibration sensitivity. The liquid to be tested is poured into a tall jar, and the hydrometer is. Hydrometer density and specific gravity instruments. Density and specific gravity of animal and vegetable fats and oils. The mass includes a retroreflector and terminates one arm of a michelson interferometer. Densityspecific gravity meter concentration meter pdf. Specific gravity or relative density is the sample density compared to a reference substance. Suctioning and draining can be done with your thumb and forefinger when using the portable density meter.

View density, specific gravity, % concentration, or sample temperature. Densityspecific gravity meter concentration meter kem kyoto. Gas specific gravity meter measures with accuracy of 0. Measuring method natural oscillation type measurement object liquid sample test materials range 0. Measurement with the portable densityspecific gravity meter can easily be done with your thumb, enhancing efficiency of your work. Eagle eyes sgseries digital hydrometers density meters measure the specific gravity, density and densityrelated values of your sample and show the measuring results within seconds, ready for storage, printout or export to a pc select models. Pdf design and construction of digital hydrometer researchgate. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. Stainless steel specific gravity measurement density cup density refers to the weight under particular temperature of per unit volume. Specific gravity is the ratio of the mass of unit volume of soil at a stated temperature to the mass of the same volume of gasfree distilled water at a stated temperature. Densityspecific gravity meter kem is the only manufacturer of densityspecific gravity meters that also produces standard liquids. Micro motion 78267828 series density and concentration. Vgrav allows the user to choose the level of precision needed for each application. The portable da densityspecific gravity meter is an ideal tool for quick and accurate measurements of liquids of different viscosities.

This project investigated the design and construction of digital hydrometer. Sample contamination due to inadequate probe cleaning between measurements is virtually eliminated. Market price and tax amount are subject to density or sg of oil products such as. Density meters do not measure specific gravity directly, but it is inferred and calculated based on other measurements. After nearly three years of research and development zls has introduced a meter for marine applications. Laboratory density and concentration meters anton paar gmbh. Burris gravity meter for land applications zls corporation. Subtract the after reading from the before, then divide the difference by 7. A common type measures the acceleration of small masses free falling in a vacuum, when the accelerometer is firmly attached to the ground. One button operation provides ease of use and an alternative to manual hydrometer methods. Yet there seems to be some confusion over what exactly they mean. Digital hydrometers, specific gravity meters eagle eye.

There can and will be some variability of the specific gravity density within any species of wood, but the average specific gravity value again, from the most valid published sources will. By counting and timing the interference fringes, the. To calculate specific gravity for any material, we have to use water. This application note introduces a lactic acid beverage blending process to show how online measurement with the dm8. A hydrometers offer a simple, yet accurate way to measure the relative density or specific gravity of most any substance. Online measurement of specific gravity for accurate. The stainless steel cover closed to the density cup stamped with an up slope to the top of the central hole, which makes redundant sample material can overflow and not have bubbles, this can increase the accuracy. This educational video highlights how a micro motion sgm meter directly measures gas specific gravity with an accuracy up to 0. Digital density meters often use oscillation tube technology for rapid measurements. In any list of the physical properties of a sub if determined at 25 c, the specific gravity is stance, its density or specific gravity is usually expressed as 250200 c, 250150 c, or 2504 c. Our specific gravity meter sgm delivers precision, fastresponse measurements of specific gravity, molecular weight, gas purity, btucalorific value and. Portable densityspecific gravity meter portable density. A hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity or relative density of liquids.

Specific gravity density dthe mass or weight per unit volume of a material at a given temperature. Engineered for ease of installation and high reliability, jogler specific gravity analyzers sgas are a dependable and accurate method for measuring and sampling process liquid levels in virtually any application. To draw in a sample, simply press the lever at the top of the meter with your thumb. The dma 45005000 is the first oscillating utube density meter which measures. The resulting frequency is measured and used to calculate the density. Software for specific gravity measurement is preinstalled to ap series, atr series, au series, up series, uwux series, and elb series. Lowcost meter are ideal for generalpurpose testing meters are simple to usejust dip probe into test liquid, then rinse with clean water after each use. The sarasota sg901 formerly sg900 sg800 sg700 is a selfcontained bypass sample conditioner and gas specific gravity analyzer, used on dry and wet gases to measure density, pressure and temperature. Zls dynamic meter for marine applications zls corporation. Read online densityspecific gravity meter concentration meter book pdf free download link book now. The well thoughout design of its sampling mechanism ensures hasslefree filling and quick and reliable cleaning of the measuring cell. At the core of this sensor is a resonating silicon. Any of these parameters can be used to drive the integral ma 420 ma. The automated kem da645 densitometer offers builtin thermal control for fast, reliable density and specific gravity measurements with 4.

Relative density, or specific gravity, is the ratio of the density mass of a unit volume of a substance to the density of a given reference material. Download densityspecific gravity meter concentration meter book pdf free download link or read online here in pdf. View of the 3098 specific gravity meter installed in a typical. Densityspecific gravity meter uniqueness 1 accuracy of one of the highest in the world density. Kems original density standard liquid guarantees high quality and reliability. The burris gravity meter comes in a number of configuration to fit your budget and needs. Gravimeters for measuring the earths gravity as precisely as possible, are getting smaller and more portable. Specific gravity analyzer single tube 316 ss model sgas6fs from jogler, inc. Applications include beverages, foods, petroleum, pharmaceutical, alcoholic beverages, and more. This publication is available as a pdf file and can be downloaded from glerls. This is a timeconsuming manual procedure, however, and results may vary depending on the operator.

The portable density meter uses only two milliliters of sample and saves you a lot of time as there is no need. Specific gravity of cement detailed explanation civilology. Density specific gravity meter pdf data 672kb density specific gravity meter pdf data 481kb portable density specific gravity meter pdf data 361kb multiple sample changer pdf data 672kb auto clean and sampling unit pdf data 672kb. This lab is performed to determine the specific gravity of soil by using a pycnometer. A density meter provides a way to measure the gravity of substances. The published specific gravity values are the average for each species. Converting from volume to weight is accomplished simply by taking the known volume ft3 of the ingredient and multiplying by the specific gravity of the ingredient and again multiplying by the density of water 62. Pdf a new product for measuring fluid density andor specific gravity has been developed. But water reacts with cement and forms calcium oxide. Specific gravity meters density meters fisher scientific.

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